Monday, October 16, 2017

Travel Central

Hey everyone!
So sorry that it's been awhile since i've posted, but I have been crazy busy!! the past two weeks have been fall break here in Germany. My very kind host family took me to Paris for four days! We saw all the sights and ate all the food! It was so very amazing to be able to see everything that i've seen in all the pictures! Please send a big thanks to my rotary club in Leer and to my AWESOME host family for spending money and taking me along on one of their family trips! The last week i've been traveling with Rotary district 1850 on our Deutschlandreise ( tour of Germany) I will write another post about the trip when I get the pictures from my amazing American friend Ambra!

Friday, September 29, 2017

IAA cars ( I know so much about them, jk)

 For the car enthusiasts in America, be jealous. I went to the biggest car show in the world! My host dad and brother brought be down to Frankfurt for the day to see the newest and coolest cars for the upcoming years! After a solid 30 minutes of me talking about how amazing my Subaru is ( and my car withdrawals) we finally stumbled across my car! I may or may not have cried or at least wanted to! So, here you can see me with my beloved car model. It was extremely amazing to see what the future holds for cars around the world and how fast the change is coming! Many car brands are switching over to fully electric cars with sleek, modern designs.
 Mom, if you're reading this please buy me the VW all electric bus when it comes out in five years(: thnx
It was amazingly cool to see all the cars and to spend the day with my host brother and host father!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Bike Time!

Last weekend I went for a bike ride around the outer parts of Leer! We took the smallest hand pulled ferry in all of Europe!  My host dad used to work on this ferry when he was younger! It lasted a solid 3 minutes or less... it was still a very cool experience. This weekend I will be going to Frankfurt to the IAA car show with my host dad and brother. I'll post pictures of it when I get back! In October I will be going on my Rotary Deutschland tour for a week! I don't know which cities we're going to but I will keep you updated! Let me know if you want anything specific for me to post or have any questions!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Tea Time

 In Northern Germany tea is very popular, and we drink tea all the time! It tastes so much better than any other tea i've ever had. I decided to take pictures of the tea and how people drink it here. The name of the tea, “Ostfriesentee” literally means East Frisian Tea, since Leer is located in that area this is the most popular tea.

The top left pictures shows the typical cream that you put in tea or coffee. Top right is the Ostfriesentee in the cup. Bottom left is what we call in America " Rock Candy" but in Ostfriesland or this part of Northern Germany the " Rock Candy" are called " Kluntjes". The bottom right is how it looks all together! For more information the traditional Ostfriesland tea this website is super helpful and interesting, providing a lot more detail:

Monday, August 28, 2017

Things I've Noticed

Hey! Sorry I haven't been posting that much but I have a few things to finally add now! Just some things I've noticed while being here my first month!
- Breakfast is HUGE here and it consists of bread, tea and all sorts of things to put on your bread ( such as meat, cheese, spreads, jelly/marmalade, butter and more!) Also people here have egg boiling machines and they eat boiled eggs hot in a dish as shown in the picture. I am very bad at eating eggs this way and have failed on multiple attempts...
- People here rarely touch their food and eat EVERYTHING with a fork and knife ( including fries and sushi?)
- Apparently I cut my food with the knife on the wrong side of the fork.  My cutting of food has become a form of entertainment for my family.
- People here bike everywhere, myself included and there are even bike streets! Although no one wears helmets here, there are little to no accidents!

If you'd like to know more just email me or comment on my posts!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

First Few Weeks

Hey! These few weeks here in Germany have been AMAZING! My host family is so nice and for the first week and a half have been talking to me in english but sadly that stopped about a week ago when school started my german is doing good though. My first weekend here I went to a small town/city? in the Netherlands and we just walked around and ate Belgium Fries ( SO GOOD!)  picture 1 and 2 are from my trip to the Netherlands for the day. I've been hanging out with my host siblings friends and we've been biking all over town. It's incredibly pretty here and i'm in awe of where I am everyday i'm in the town.  On August 1, my host mom had to meet a friend in Oldenburg so my host sister and brother
( Fanni and Henri) and I walked around the city and they showed me popular shops and good places to eat! pictures 3 and 4 were from Oldenburg. The weather here has been rainy and slightly cold but it feels just like home! I also met with my Rotary Club members and had a bike tour with them! And had tea with them and they talked about everything going on in the next few weeks! I'll try to keep updates and post more
about german things such as food and culture!
Thank you again Bellingham Rotary and Rotary
District 5050 for sending me here and giving me
the chance to meet these amazing people!
Auf Wiedersehen,
Izzy Cybula

This is my counselor Tjard- Garrels, Onno Kappei, and the other counselor, Luca my other host family's daughter she is going to Italy for the year, my host sister Fanni, Me, Mateus he's here from Brazil.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Family and the Town

Hey guys!
Sorry I haven't been posting but I will when I actually get there! I'm going to a small town in North- Western Germany called Leer! It's super cute and on a little river which will be nice to look at! I haven't heard that much about the town itself but I can't wait to see it and explore! My Family seems super amazing and I am beyond excited to meet them in person although my host brother Henri and I talk everyday! I get to bike to school with him and his friends everyday. I will be with my host sister for a month before she goes on her Rotary International adventures in Chile! I can't wait to tell you more about my family when I get there! The pictures here are of my house and my host family! The Names in order from left to right are: Sandra, Fanni, Henri, and Christoph Bockhoefer. Let me know if you have any questions!